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The Incredible Candus



“Catching the Incredible Candus” has a format unlike any book ever written. Simultaneously Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum’s brilliant scribing of his unusual courtship with Candus renders it profoundly readable. It is rife with the musings from his fertile mind as exampled by a play written for their first date, a dictionary of neologisms invented solely for her, and a poetic marriage proposal written on papyrus and bound in leather. Their scintillating story will both inspire you and restore your belief in the power of love regardless of your age.


12 Feb 2010

My education towards attempting to become a world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon was inclusive of learning to assess what truly constitutes human beauty. When Candus first appeared in my offices the words instantly formulated in my mind were “this is as beautiful a woman as I have ever seen”. Add to that, she was curvaceously tall, impeccably dressed, and bore a stateliness that was accented by a bun adorning her swept back braided blonde hair. My impressive noting matched everyone’s perception when she is first seen.

Her First Glance

1972 was a turning point in my life in another way other than the passing of my boards: it was the first time I met Candus. How can I describe what it was like to first lay eyes on her? Like anyone else who first saw her, I had to open my eyes extra wide to take in her extraordinary visage. Candus was 5-foot-9 and as strikingly beautiful as any of the world’s renowned beauties; her beauty was equally matched by her stately elegance of bearing. Her natural blonde hair was severely swept back and braided into a bun. She was, as on future visits, dressed to the nines and perfectly coordinated and accessorized.


It took 19 years of our history prior to tonight’s “yes” to one of my myriad of proposals to you. Recall I first asked for your hand at a restaurant on our second date when my divorce was not close to finality and yours at its inception. Other than your eyebrows, sliding to a quizzical position you ignored that one, as did you on each subsequent request even when we both were legally free from our former spouses. I assume the complex multifarious nature of tonight’s proposal was causative for your agreement?  Whatever the reason I accept your acceptance!

Lawrence Birnbaum

Why Read it?

This book is perfect for people whose format is as distinctive and unusual as any book written to this date. Given the variety of that statement, it will soon engender multifocal potential interest by having an autobiography, memoir and a love story rivalling any romantic legend. What makes it unique from all other love stories are the supremely documented illustrations of a lifetime of wooing efforts never seen as integral to any love story.

the author


Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum began his practice in 1968 following his completion of a one-year fellowship as a plastic surgeon with the East African Flying Doctor Service. Upon his return, by happenstance, he was asked if he might give a lecture about his experience as a “Flying Doctor”. Once accomplished it ultimately led him to be the most popular lecturer on the Los Angeles Lecture Circuit for more than 2 years. Simultaneously, his practice skyrocketed and, then, in 1974 he veritably leaped to International fame after he published a paper describing what is now recognized as the first realistic appearing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction in the plastic surgery literature. The techniques he employed utilized his invention of “tissue expanders”. He wrote a number of papers, contributed to books, and taught the world’s only course on breast reconstruction to his fellow plastic surgeons for 3 years. For many years a variety of breast reconstruction implants bore his name for which he refused remuneration. He continued his acclaimed star driven practice until they totaled 44 years at which time he swapped the practice of plastic surgery to begin, along with a friend, a remote approval service for those with the medical need to access medical marijuana shops. He retired from this successful venture at the age of 87. During those latter years, utilizing his spare time, he took to writing “Catching the Incredible Candus” as a tribute to Candus and their still ongoing love story.

the Book


This remarkable memoir/biography/autobiography depicts the author’s quest to win the heart of the woman he could not live without. He did this all while navigating the ups and downs of his own exceptionally engaging and colorful career as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. In addition to their love story the book shows numerous examples of never before seen wooing attempts, poetry, and photos contrived by Dr. Birnbaum to catch Candus. From romantic getaways to a play written for their first date, Larry and Candus’ scintillating story will both inspire you and restore your belief in the power of love regardless of your age.



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